Sunday, March 21, 2010

Where Can I Buy Quick Salt

Putelena are still copies!

God, this girl will never stop! Look, I found three new copies.

A, as usual, the goddess of miley:

Here another copy to Miley:

-magazine. Both

-yellow dress.

-shape and similar hair color.

"And as you can read both cover says:" Fashion & Beauty Ideas "
and I come with that is beyond coincidence!

And this one demonstrate that broad does not just copy celebrities. I am a big fan of Ryan Sheckler, and if you have visdo on MTV reality show "Life of Ryan" will see that one of the best friends of his name is Taylor. Now look at the yellow and rose-colored glasses of the following photos. The first is the victim and the second is taylor putelena.

Now the million dollar question Who will be his next victim? We now realize that it can be anyone, even one of us.
by mundomiley


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