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Howto Fool A Motion Detector

IN MEXICO !!!!!! Vol.37

Well, as mentioned in title ... .... X-JAPAN IS IN MEXICO THIS YEAR! already confirmed! no data yet on the fehca or place, rather than speculation .... that is the date on 3 June and the place does not know .... but I saw something like that in the Sports Palace (though not heed me, are pure rumors about it) ...... and well, I'm well excited! lol, and who is not?

me tendre que poner a ahorrar dede este momento jejeje ....
bueno bueno ..... seguire investigando XD
Anuncio official:
"2011.02.22 June descends into Yoyogi 3 X JAPAN!" ASIA GIRLS EXPLOSION "expressed racing! The first will be held at the gymnasium trees 日代 June 3, the world's largest fashion event "ASIA GIRLS EXPLOSION", and this time turned out to be the participation of X JAPAN. JAPAN X is also South America, participated in this year (Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Peru and Chile) they like to announce its 2011 world tour begins! Live in a single day will be released March 15 in North America has already "JADE" and the theme song from the upcoming film Buddha in Japan from May 28 5 "Scarlet Love Song "and will showcase it. Last year North American tour was a great success and finally begins to move the Nissan Stadium X JAPAN! ! ASIA GIRLS EXPLOSION official ......% 22

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How Much Cost Remove Dog Lump

Do Walgreen Sell Xbox 360 Live Cards

Scan Genesis Neo's Neo Genesis N.45

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Do I Have To Pay For Jibjab Account

More photos from Tokyo Dome XDD


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Resolution of Ps Company

new ad on Myspace
Monday 14, 2011.

Members of the fanclub of artists from the PS COMPANY.

Thank you for your continued support to the artists of the PS COMPANY.

We understand their views and wishes, and their passion for the bands. We thank you sincerely. Thanks.
Therefore, we have discussed how to provide all services as possible on the basis of our current situation for a long time time.
For this, we are announcing the policy and the result obtained after the discussion, which applies to all the fans who live outside Japan and will take effect from 14 February.
Your understanding is greatly appreciated. ===========================================

● The following services will be added to the current "GLOBAL PS COMPANY FAN CLUB. "
- the GazettE "HERESY"
access to sites only Fan Club.
- Alice Nine ALICE club "
access to sites only Fan Club.
- Kra "Korpokkur"
access to sites only Fan Club. Service

additional common

1. FC-only tickets for the 3 live bands
mentioned above are available for purchase.
(There may be exceptions.)
2. FC magazines of the 3 bands that referred to above are available for purchase. ===========================================

● The current members of: the GazettE "HERESY" Alice Nine ALICE club ", or Kra" Korpokkur "which will ask the PS GLOBAL COMPANY FAN CLUB ..
1. Membership of HERESY, ALICE & Korpokkur club will remain valid. Therefore, your current card member, your ID and password will remain valid in the future.
2. The FC-only purchase of goods are still available.

than 3. HERESY services, ALICE & Korpokkur club, other than those mentioned in paragraphs 1 and 2 are invalid.
4. All services of the "PS GLOBAL COMPANY FAN CLUB" will be available.

[Note] Please see the link below carefully and make sure you agree to the new conditions before making a decision. Fan club registration
chart URL: [PDF file]
=================== ========================
● Members who are applying for: the GazettE "HERESY" Alice Nine "club ALICE, or Kra "Korpokkur" no access "PS GLOBAL COMPANY FAN CLUB"

The validity period of membership is 6 months.
Parts of the service and input the new benefits are available.

[Note] Please see the link below carefully and make sure you agree to the new conditions before making a decision. Fan club registration
chart URL: [PDF file]
=================== ========================
● The current members or applicants who have paid to register or renew your membership: the GazettE "HERESY" Alice Nine ALICE club, or Kra "Korpokkur" until the end of January 2011 with no renewal procedure yet complete.

Please complete and submit the form below. The PS COMPANY Fan Club office will contact you via e-mail after confirming their identity. E-mail

after confirming their identity.
Membership Application Form to: the GazettE "HERESY" Alice Nine ALICE club "or Kra" Korpokkur "

=========================================== Please see the chart here. Fan club registration
chart: [PDF file]
==================== =======================
[Note] All decisions regarding the registration and renewal must be done at your own risk.
With the provisions for registration and renewal of members abroad, the procedures now can be managed on their own. However, please understand that no refunds for any personal reasons.

If you have any questions, queries or requests, please contact us.
email address below.
Contact by e-mail:

◆ The reason and purpose of the "GLOBAL COMPANY PS FAN CLUB" remains exactly as it was announced above.
The announcement that we are doing here is to show our sincerity and we are doing everything possible to comply with requests and demands.
And we will work harder to provide better service, better service to members and better content in the future.

Note that we can not answer if you do not mind responsible for communicating with us via the email address above (ie, via Twitter, etc). Thank you for your understanding.

Your consent is greatly appreciated.
Please keep your unconditional support.

fans abroad are as important as those of Japan, for us. PS COMPANY


Fan Club in English translation: @ theGazettE_PY

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Warrior Franchise Gloves Kelly Green & Yellow

to give some relaxation to the blog xD ..!!!

by Miiko:
some user stories komo vermin of Koncar to the gazette ..!

xD::: Forum moderator Katori ..!!! ::: Ahhh

much history ...
had about 8 or 9 ANII, she was in 5th or 4th primary more or less xD
was coming home from English class on a Saturday,
my sister was in the compu down a music ares and I
good gossip, I said
"you do danny?
and said
"My mother Nya enseniio me a well weird! gazette called "
and I like that" or: Sabeer kiere meh! "
and enseniio me a picture that already had names, and I like
" waaaa *-*, are cute xDD "
and my sister
was saying "yes, but girls seem xD"
but never found the feminine aspect xDDD
then listen disc disorder, and I *---*
that genialosoos waaaa!
and from there I started to like n__n enseniie
and what a friend called Jianquing xDD

and I said "seem niniias. _."
and ended up loving these groups >...> Koreans finally

xDDD that was my mini story : D
and still love from that day \u0026lt;3

the manager now ..!
::: Ayumi::

all started by my sister because she liked me .... day and night was telling me to listen and I do not keria, then showed me the video of Burial Applicant and fell in love at first Ruki view, and basically for him, I started to find more songs of them, videos, pictures ... and everything else, and that's how I fell in love with them lol
now the administrator
::: Kaito:::

A dusk while watching death note on fansub boy he named the band the opening and ending Nightmare understand and find more of them .... cancionde s and found Reila ... and OMG!

: Rei shima::
Havia once a ... lol nice so
Every start a day of summer vacation, and I am and always been a fan of anime and manga
(the manga not so much lol), that day saw an anime that I love and is one of my favorites and I realized I liked the songs of the opening and ending of the anime that are sung both by the same soloist
I started looking for who were the songs and I found it.
after a while I kept thinking it would be interesting to know more about Japanese music
and I remembered that I had a magazine with a section dedicated to anime music wing Japanese. Then
full moon that night ... (Good I do not remember if the moon was full jijiji but if I remember so hot) wait for my sister vacate his laptop and presto me very kindly,
then grab the magazine and I looked for some group names but heard several songs
I caught the eye.
but suddenly going from page my eyes fell upon a picture of some very interesting guys, this decision
above leei the gazette and a bit of information he had, I found that 2 songs recommended
regret and in the beauty filt decided to find the first ... appeared on youtube I saw who brought
a point of the song and some pictures in that video di clik yyyy ... Woooowwww
everything around me was lit (it my mom hahahaha light lit?)
rather good woow cone was something sounds good and it was something that he had not heard
follow Chizuru looking for songs and found I really liked the song but the video I was scared and did not see him after filt
in the beauty I found a great song!! and amazing video!
was when I looked for information from them in general and each member
I never thought I would learn their names lol
the first that caught my attention was reita wooooow I was saying that the band will use mysterious!
at that time did not like kai did not know why but I did not like
until I saw her beautiful smile and immediately fell in love aoi jejejeje
and the last term still one of my favorites because he loved playing guitar and now

Time::: Raven:::

Well my story, my sister esque thing helped one of her friends with work on display where I met him and saw Mana-sama (knew a nightmare but not aware that they were visual, shame), after a while later there came a magazine called gothica there actually met several groups including gazette but I am sincere in that time or peeling, until one day a friend sent me a video of them * Filth in the beauty * and chan, chan, chan cai rendered

:::::::::: ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

And these were some stories to see ke ke enkuentran vermin variiedad of
xD kosas

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[Interview] Neo Genesis Neo Genesis Vol.17

site What was your town?
was a very rural. The sea was close and there was nothing around. I could see the ocean from my house and went there to play. Swimming when he arrived in April. Could swim for half a year.

But the water was not cold in April? Yes
April was pretty cool. And supposed to be the beginning of beach season was in July. But I wanted to swim. Then

nadabas much, do you?
usually going to swim anywhere. And of my classes at school was long-distance swimming. Everyone wondered why I was swimming well. There were cones floating in the open sea and we were swimming toward them all together. But that meant that we become tired, as you can imagine.

What kind of kid you were at that time?
was an active child who swam long distances in this way. Always went to sea with all my friends. And we picked up some things.

Ah, how do sea snails?
That's ... No one believed it, but actually that was what we were doing (laughs). We took the sea snails and give them blows against the rocks to break and to eat.

must have been a good environment. Your eating habits are quite bizarre.
When I think about it now, I think it's true. He never expected that sea urchins have a good taste when eaten in Tokyo.

And how it was when out with your friends?
Completely normal. Like, staying with my friends for some reason and we were out there.

What were you in school?
not study at all. I hated it (clearly). And never gave homework.

If you did, you scold, "or it was not a problem?
always scold me (laughs).

scold you unless you do the things you need. Were you brave?
Well, even if the nag you is wrong, I was busy when I came home.

Busy "going to sea?
That's right. And do not be tired and go to sleep if I was swimming? And playing football in winter. I had plenty of time to do homework so I did not even know if we had them or not.

And when I thought "I screwed up today," copied the duties of my friends.

When you think that?
When I had a teacher who was afraid.

Were you a clever boy?
How? But sometimes they beat me.

What was something you did with passion, or did with maximum effort?
Was being with my friends? The things I did more talent were to be at sea or playing baseball, kendo as well, because doing those things together was fun. When I went to a candy store, someone came with me. It was a rural area, so it was as if everyone was friendly to everyone. And when we were in elementary school, we passed it well and did not learn anything really.

you changed when you started middle school?
No. Because my middle school was next to elementary school. We just moved inside the building, sort of.

So, your graduation ceremony and accept you in a middle school did not have much meaning?
So (laughs). Speaking of changes, I stopped going to swim well. ProQuad had a baseball club.

Change your tastes?
I started thinking "How I can skip the activities of the club without anyone noticing?" (Laughs).

Did you have any girl that you liked?
Well, that's something in itself (laughs). Worse was middle school student. Only saw the bus stop or on the dock.

The pier would have been nice ~. And there were children passing by the islands, right? Yes
was an island between us and the region the other side (the edge of the earth was in front of a bay on the opposite side) and took in the children coming from there to the area of \u200b\u200bthe boat.

Was not that a surprisingly good situation?
Well, it was very good. Many college students gathered on the dock and was afraid (laughs). So we waited in another room until they reached the boats.

Hahaha (laughter). By the way, how was the atmosphere in your home?
was very normal, double income. When they reached the 5, my mother came home and cooked dinner and we ate and had a Famicom ...

have brothers and sisters right?
It's true. But my older sister was married at the time when I started middle school and I have too many memories of her coming to visit. But when I met his friends still call me "the one who wears clothes ~ parbulario yellow."

still have the image of a preschooler with a group of friends of your sister (laughs).
At that time, the room my sister and my brother was on the second floor and I was jealous because mine was in the first, in front of my parents. So when my sister was not his room was free and I was happy. I immediately moved to the second floor.

your brothers influence was quite great, right? Yes
.. Although he was six years older than me, was interested in what he and his friends did. He was playing with remote controlled toys and plastic models. Probably wanted to do the same things. Le comra a toy radio as new year gift and my parents were raising pearls and gave me help pay for the "clean shell" and was also a newspaper delivery boy when I was in third year of middle school.

Was to buy the things you wanted?
but getting $ 30 a month, was that enough? My stomach was empty and wanted a guitar ...

That was the moment you learned to earn money to buy the things you wanted for yourself.
But my parents gave me money. They said "How is the birthday of your friend ..." but I bought them all a Miniyonku * (laughs).

probably thought "How did this guy to be my friend?" (Laughs). But I guess you get that kind of intelligence at that time.
But thinking about it, it was inconsiderate. I like it more if you were at that time now.

Was your brother also an influence to play guitar?
My brother was in the cover band Junsuka (JUN SKY WALKER (S)). But he had never seen in trials of the band saw while waiting while he was playing in her room and thought it was cool. I just wanted to be in that circle.

When you wanted to play guitar, what did your brother?
At first, let me play in her room, but it was not very enthusiastic and became a nuisance. So I did not hone his classical guitar and said "I'll lend it, so go to your room" (laughs).

And the younger brother returned to his room with joy. Yes
researched by myself and played while watching unahoja chords. After that, my brother left me have your electric guitar. But that guitar was broken and, well, I had no choice but to buy one for myself.

Why you gave your brother a guitar broken?
Would not it be because he no longer needed?

(laughs). The guitar of my brother I wanted, still in my house, and if you talk about guitars, I'll think about that. Had always wanted. Now in my room for some reason.

is a very special guitar for you.
When I come home from my parents, I usually play it.

Is it not also an unforgettable buying your first guitar for yourself? Also you would be excited to go to the store to buy music.
not bought my first guitar in a music store.

Well, where do you buy?
Mail (laughs). I saw in a magazine and my brother called me and bought the guitar from a shop called "KEY." So when I came to Tokyo, I had moved when I first saw a store KEY. It was like "This is KEY, huh? I've heard of it ..." (laughs). In my college days, had a guitar, my friends and was delivering newspapers.

you involved in things like cultural and sporting Festibal?
was not a fast runner and was bad running short distances. I like to run long distances. He was very enthusiastic about things like marathons. I went to the concerts to which they invited me over instead of going to cultural festivals.

Are funny memories? Yes
I can not remember very well, but he saw only minor concerts. Still I have memories of when we were in my father's car or when we were on the stairs to jump on. We took a boat across the sea and buy new clothes (laughs).

Who were the shows you saw at that time? ZIGGY
... They were not my generation **. Although he said that they were (laughs). It was only a friend of kids who were cool hobbies. And they were guys that played Nagabuchi Tsuyoshi. And HELLOWEEN and Metallica.

Were you interested in visual kei at that time?
No. ROSIER LUNA SEA appeared in a magazine at the moment where I thought "I see myself doing that." But for me, playing the guitar was more interesting than being in a band. Always played when she had time for me. Was passionate about the guitar and my daily rounds. He was busy in my school days ...

So if something disappeared, were your duties.
It did not have time to spare for them (laughs).

anything change when you become a student school? I did not go to school
for three months. I ended up being a very lazy person. That is, the institute was far from my house. Twenty minutes by bike. The school had been in front of my house until then, and it changed my lifestyle. And if it was raining, he took a taxi.

Did you go to school by taxi?! (Laughter)
divided what was available for between three of us.

Did anything funny in those three months?
were deverano rental. We started the summer holidays and for me it was summer all the time.

Summer also continues for you now.
What year is it? (Laughs). What

is the summer when you were 15?
It was not anything in particular. I was at my friends' houses and not come back to mine. In fact every time I wanted to go less to school and wanted to go to a technical school musical. But my parents told me "If you leave school, you force them to go." So I went to school with reluctance.

Ever thought what would you do after that? Did you want to play?
Well, playing the guitar, but even that came to be secret and sometimes left him. but he had a part-time work as a contractor and that in itself was interesting.

What was most important to you then?
Well things like "Will I come home from work if it rains?".

(Laughter) I think you were looking for a comfortable life any way they could.
If something does not interest me, then let him work and changed a bunch of times. Always thought that was bad, but honestly, I could not avoid being vague. In general, it was a person who did things reluctantly.

Well, I understand that if you heard about it. And I think you've managed to live well now. But you had a major failure in terms of things about people at work?
Once I broke some expensive machines, but it was just that. I have had no serious mistake so far.

When did you start surfing?
I started because I got a car when I was 18. He drove to the place where you could surf. And the brother of my girlfriend at the time also surfed. So I borrowed her table and I was just thinking "this is interesting." Able to make new friends also was fun and went there every day. Riding the waves during the day and worked in a pub at night. That was my life.

So you were busy every day, even without going to class.
was really busy. I was very busy when I was young. I never said "I have nothing to do." Even if I had some time, was never enough. But even then he played guitar.

So work and surfing was your youth?
Probably ... That may have been my youth. My girlfriend at that time was still in high school, so I went to pick her up in my car.

~ That's cool.
But it was a prestigious college, so I always thought it did not fit there.

your girlfriend would be happy But that collection. And his friends probably jealous.
But waiting at the school gate. It was not good enough for that.

But her friends think "We're going to ask out that guy!" (Laughs).
Even if she was not home, watched videos and was surfing with his brother and thought "I can do many things here."

is good that you get along with his family.
His brother was great and always used to be with him when when he went to her house.

What happened to your girlfriend?
The truth is I have not seen her. Because I ended up leaving when I went to Tokyo ...

thought you could be a professional surfer at the time. But no music was again an important point in your life again when you went to Tokyo?
It was. When returning home from work at night, I saw music programs on television. When I saw videos of concerts programs, I thought "Would not cute doing that?".

Were not too sure?
Yes, why I'm here now (laughs). But that, I thought the first thing I had to do was to go to Tokyo. And the next morning, I said shaking, "I'm going to Tokyo." So at work I and my brother. I said "I want to make music." But I had very bad luck. Doing what I do now is more than I deserve.

What did you say to your girlfriend?
I said "I'm going to Tokyo and she said" OK. " It was the kind of girl said nothing.

I could not say anything. I do not think she could say "Do not go." Yes
.. I did not think anything then because my eyes were set out in front of them, but what I did seemed to have meaning when I thought about later.

What luggage you when you come to Tokyo?
only my backpack and guitar. And money, had nothing more than 5000 yen that my parents had given me. First I got to Ikebukuro and thought "There are many crows in the street."

That was your first impression of Tokyo (laughs). Yes
had not decided where he would live, but I got a call from a client who met while working at the pub in my village and I said "If you have no place to live, call my sister." That is the friendliness of the people.

That's really nice, right? Yes
So I showed up at his job and worked in a wedding hall.

What did you do in a wedding hall as a man who used to surf?
You have to act perfectly when you go there, so I dyed my hair black. But he was very tan and it was really dark (laughs). So that was pretty funny.

(laughs). But looking for a band while you were working there?
Well, I had nothing to begin with, so I made sure to have bought furniture and accessories for the guitar ...

Were not you afraid at all? Or do not think any of that?
If I had thought about it, probably would not have come to Tokyo.

you think "There must be a way."
probably get a job if I thought it was fast. Because it was so in my town (laughs). Although

came casually, started a new life for yourself. And you had the strength to do things you thought "I will work then once everything is settled", so that was also how are you now.
is true. If there is something I do not do anything more than that and still leave everything behind now. If I do not like something. The time I spend thinking about things without them is a waste and I hate regret things I've never gotten to do. And I think I've been lucky.

may be luck, but also people around you.
I've always been grateful. I want to repay all their favor someday, but now strive to GazettE is my priority. I've been involved with so many people and I've come so far, so I can not go back. I feel like I could not go back and feel I do not want to return.

So you will not go back until you've won?
That's right. I said I make music so I can not go saying "Everything has been useless." I can not return until you have reached the top.

** Note: * Miniyonku are small racing cars that look like this -> are inexpensive
xD ** ZIGGY was formed in 1984 (when Aoi was 5 years old) and had its greatest success in 1989 (when Aoi was 9).

What Is The Difference Between D And M On Shoes

hello komo Miike and as everyone knows my love reita em and you did not know already know it xD and forum posts in an interview shortly before the Tokyo dome for I hope you like more information .... xD please enter vermin


Interviewer: What kind of things your eyes have broken into tears lately? Reita: recently, was when I was reading the manga "One Piece". At the time of recording the low end for the new single, I bought all 59 volumes and read them - there were plenty of scenes where I cried. Friendships, art and stuff made me mourn. And then I wanted to be a pirate after (laughs).
E: 're so immersed in it, eh. Did you see the anime? Reita: I have not seen, but Kai told me she cried when she saw him. It's just the opposite of what he says Kai, I am affected by this "disease" mourn not (laughs). He advised me a lot of things so far, but none have worked for me.
E: Do you cry for mercy? Reita: Surprisingly, I'm the type who cries if he sees others mourn (laughs).
E: What are the differences between "love" and "passion"? Re: The "passion" is when there is this feeling of companions in glory. Something like "longing." But with love, you love your partner even despite all his mistakes.
E: Are you the type who tend to crave things, Reita? Re: I have fantasies incredible. Things like "What if I have an appointment with this person?". I do not know how many thousands of "dates" and that I had (laughs). In my fantasies, I am a super playboy (laughs). All men have this kind of thing, eh.
E: The love is disillusioned, huh. Re: True . But people still like someone even when they know all their errors are, as expected, the less in number. To find a person like that - I wish everyone the best of luck.
E: (laughs) suddenly has become a message to readers. Re: Well, that passion is something that runs in the center of each one of us, it is best if the "passion" can be changed to "love", right?
E: Feeling lonely easily? Re: I like being alone, I like being at home is best. When you're home, you can be anywhere, and well.
E: can be in your pajamas all the time and stuff. Re: Right . You can keep staring at the ceiling with your mouth open and still be good (laughs). As expected, home is where the heart is. Lately, we have not had many days off, but if we had a break, when we all meet again after a while, we would talk a lot about a thousand things.
E: All have a lifestyle rather lonely (laughs). Re: Nah, I'm sure some people do not like that, there are members who go out and have stories about their travels and places that have seen - is a good band.
E: Secure! When you're alone, what do you do to relieve the most stress? Re: Since I'm in the middle of the tour, when I'm alone, I'm in the hotel. When I'm there, watching TV, I surf online and things like that. Even if I think of shopping, they sell the same things in Tokyo, and I'm not really interested in castles and temples and stuff, so do not go around the city.
E: What are the dreams that have the GazettE? Re: Of course, making a band with 5 people who have the same dream, the same plus, I think all the bands that appear in the magazine publishing start with a shared dream. I think it's amazing how little by little, the dreams begin to take shape, and, step by step, we started to get closer to our dreams. To me, more than making music, I have a band.
E: Rather than a final destination, your goal is to lead the same place together with the band. Re: Definitely. But at first, I imagined this as a quick race. I never imagined that would really make-up at 7 am and things like that (laughs). As I thought, it really is much easier and shrill is reserved only for the lives (laughs). He had wanted to put myself in the Tokyo Dome in Last, but definitely if we were standing at the Tokyo Dome, would come out with more and more dreams and our dreams would be inexhaustible. If things were not so, we could not be a band.
E: Having new dreams quickly is also something worth doing, eh . Re: Seh. I think if you do not always have something in your eyes, you can not talk about the future.
E: What would you destroy now? Re: I want to make the lives more extreme. The tour "02" is fun, but, you know, has not yet been an example of when the room temperature reaches the climax. I do not know why, but when the live ends, there is really something like "Wow, today was the peak of our lives", or feelings like that. It's not about taking shortcuts, but I am introducing me honestly ... maybe it's because there are plenty of places we have visited since the first time, maybe.
E: Yesterday Nara, was the first time, no? Re: But if you use that excuse, there is no sense that we lives. We have to break the atmosphere now, and we have to make the most ardent.
E: Want to destroy this?
Re: Right . I him down.
E: Is there something you're trying to control now?
Re: I stopped smoking for almost a month so far.
E: Is it a tortuous period, right now?
Re: When I stopped for about a week, was fine for a bit, surprisingly, but these last days, I've been a bit of trouble. I want to smoke after eating. I wrote in my blog "Do not smoke a second time", but fans do not trust me (laughs). I have not really smoked.
E: But it was a difficult decision.
Re: The following is diet! I will eat as many vegetables as possible. Lately, I've been eating hamburgers - without exception.
E: Is not that a really extreme restriction on yourself?
Re: Withdrawal symptoms are already starting to show up (laughs). I really love burgers, you know. And McDonald's and Kentucky Fried Chicken.
E: Why did you restrict yourself, then?
Re: For things like "As things are good for my body" and "My diet has been a little spoiled" - you know, I know my own reasons (laughs).
E: Hahaha, even in the midst of the tour, "take care of your meals?
Re: I have not come to eat here yet, but even with the food we eat in the venues after the lives, never as salads. Always tend to focus on the meat, but now, like vegetables too. And another thing is when I get up in the morning, drinking my stomach definitely spoil anything, but now I wait about an hour after getting up without drinking anything.
E: Is there a memory ardently recorded you can not forget?
Re: remember clearly the first thought in my head when I stood in the first Budokan time. I looked at the Budokan DVD about 3 years ago and still I cry for myself. On top of that, when I saw the 5 people reflected on the screen, grabbed his infectious tears (laughter).
E: Because it's easy mourn when others cry.
Re: Seh. Actually, you can not imagine five in this crying.
E: you also can clearly remember the feelings you had when you cry this time?
Re: not plan to mourn. But suddenly, he was brimming with tears, and even he was surprised at that time. It was in front of people, and moreover, was not even in the midst of work? (Laughter.) I thought "How am I supposed to be manly if I'm crying?!" But also did not have the willpower to endure.
E: By chance, are you going to mourn at the Dome?
Re: Cry, unfortunately (laughs). **

this man is not beautiful work that personality ino No one really bad sensitive ahy xD amoo what .............. Aoi

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vol.50 Aoi plans to close his twitter

tweeted plans to close down your account because you mosleta that some people posing as him
and if that does not change, cancel your account

Aoi I really
anymore. But that's really annoying as it is reproduced thanks to the guy muttered things that make me fake accounts.'m Annoying people around me. To delete this account so if no improvement I Masu.


This is going to be real. There are people who make fake accounts of me, is annoying and confusing. It confuses people and myself. If this does not change, I will delete this account. 9TH

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Ambulance Work In Usa

Event 9 th anniversary of the band The GazettE


10/03/2011 (Thursday)

OPEN 17:30 / START 18:30
- Cost of Ticket: ¥ 6,000 ( approx.)
- Beverages: 500 yen

HERESY members in the Live will be limited. TOTAL INFORMATION ◆

03-5305-3813 [Monday to Friday 12:00 ~ 18:00]

Ps. As I read this concert will be only for members of his Official Fanclub
Credits: Nameless Liberty Six Bullets Gazetto'sas