Monday, March 22, 2010

Problem With Poptropica

withdrawal blogger ... temporarily! (Charter of the owner of the blog)

Well .. this is not a goodbye, a goodbye.

Actually I'm getting a little tired of all this ... so here I am going to take 2 weeks off, surely the other girls of the blog will continue to publish some things ... but I (the owner) I'll keep 'offline' time. Also

I'll keep on twitter, I'm not at all, only anti-selena things are going to stop a while. Please if encerio like the blog banque I ask them these days, this is about something personal, and I have to take time for everything.

Thanks to the 52 followers for their support and all they do for us, without you this blog would not go up:) bye

people and thanks for everything:)

--- -------------------------------------------------- -----

The only thing I'll ask is that you stop stupid crazy. If I said that my school is demanding is because it is, what happens (IF BY IGNORANT did not notice) is just starting CLASSES, I mean, I still did not give me all times of the workshops and still not start new topics, so I have time to hate Selena:)

Hahaha crazy comes along and says: "As your country is in decline," lol and you are? Cuba? bold stupid, you think I care? complain to the president and not me asshole.

Another that appeared over here was that of anti-miley blog that tells me from his blog. What happens mommy, so desperate these for me set the shit you post? NANA, equivocadicima me you came. He says "I have 72 followers on twitter blogger and 28" SUCK ME KNOW WHAT? I HAVE 52 IN 113 IN TWITTER BLOGGER AND CRAZY ... Y? ANTI-SELENA HAS A BLOGGER AND 100 SUPPORTERS IN NOSE HOW TO TWITTER! As I said a million times: I DO NOT WANT THE NUMBER OF FANS THAT I HAVE! What matters is that people laugh!

Apart crazy, let yourself messing around and fixing PUBLIC INPUT WHO, FOR SOMETHING THAT SAYS NO? There are 4 or 5 colavoradoras on the blog, one is Mundomiley other is counter-selena Erika, I am not alone! So do not come and tell me that my posts are micron because I'm not the only one responsible, I try to be as realistic as possible.

Now if, without giving more laps I leave, they are only 1 or 2 weeks ... not much time: D


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