Saturday, March 27, 2010

Quarterback Arm Wrestling


These days I take away from the blog were to reflect, to clear my mind.
As Gandhi once said: "Violence generates more violence." AMEN to that phrase. This is what happens with the antis, I insult to one and the others insult the other (FOR THE IGNORANT THAT IS CALLED VERBAL VIOLENCE)
And just today, when blogger did not know whether to leave or not, I read this letter:

"Why are so mean to Miley?

that question simply because I do not understand. There are people who hate her for silly reasons for everything I've read and heard the reasons are these:

1 - Because they take pictures in lingerie. I now say, I saw those photos were photos of her with just the shirt up. Is it ever used bikini? good when you use Show me much more than what the photos showed Miley, and no one criticized for it.
2 - Because they take a picture half naked for a magazine. First of all, the picture was not half naked, she was completely covered exept for the back. Tell me, really, is that wrong?

3 - Another excuse was because he went out with Nick, there are many comments that says "do not mess with my nick" nick is mine "etc. .. As far as I and many others know, they went out for almost 2 years and I believe that most met miley nick after that. And that nick is mine, not to approach him, is very ridiculous, sorry but it's true and you know, instead of being happy that their idol has a girlfriend and be happy, angry about it.

4 - Gives a bad example for young children. Look, as she once said she educates her fans, if parents think it's a bad example does not lead their children to their concerts and would not let them watch your program. And let me tell you that for me miley is the best example because someone might have happened by now horrible and yet still standing, and I admire her SO.

5 - singing and acting badly. If you do not like how she sings or acts, DO NOT SEE YOUR SERIES, NOT HEAR THEIR MUSIC, NOT SEE YOUR VIDEOS, it's that easy. And the truth is that if she did not sing or did not do well, it would have a very famous series with 4 seasons, I would not have their songs in Reverse as good as it would not win many awards.

6-He just wants attract attention. Look, anyone can call attention all you want, but do not have if they do not give obvious that fans are we going to pay attention to what he does, but also anti do, IN EACH NOTE IS A MILEY ANTI ALWAYS, that is to pay attention, and the more I make will have more attention and more will become interested in it the paparazzi.

7-is a bitch like his fans and his family That kind of comments, the truth is that they are horrible. I admit conosco your family and you either, but do you have a good reason to call and call us so? People criticize without knowing, criticize a girl of 10 years as his family lives under the cameras, they believe it should be easy!

8 - You will end up like Britney Spears. I tell you I love britney since I was little, always follow, she spent an awful lot, and know that I'm still your fan, that fan is to be good because, like I did with the girl being britney I now miley being a teenager, the support and that should make all who call themselves BEST FANS.
Because nobody is perfect, an error committed by anyone.

Many fans of miley ceased to be for their mistakes. And I ask you, if you commit a Erros do not you like to be forgiven? Imagine how he felt knowing he had lost miley fans for that.

Now, if someone has a good reason to hate let me know. On this note only pretend to understand how he sees the things a fan of Miley, it is obvious that everyone wants to defend his idol but you must understand that everyone has their likes and must be respected, if not like someone does not give importance and ready. And for all fans / antis of any artist, really, let's stop some fights because I do not think someone like that insult to his idol does it? I just hope that this last comment helps. "

" It's very immature and as public figure deveria care but what does "
That's ALL you have to say. Those who disagree with the letter say that.
Okay, you're famous, you live what you love ... but you walk all the time insulting crap doit ĂȘtre horrible.
One says "I resvala" if .. you from slipping when you insult 2 people ... 1,000,000 no!
I know that I am anti Selena and I did a blog and blabla whole story, but you know what? I'll leave the blog by one of my partners and I'm going to go there, HATE HATE ANYONE.
Tell me wimp, let me know what you want, but that's not going to make it stop love both Miley. I really felt like you felt it (and probably most of the antis blogs) because I kept receiving insults, not to Miley, most were to me.
You are stupid, because saying "I hate blabla" will not make the person ceases to exist, stop what you like or anything like that, it's more, anti-we-give more fame to the artists and the truth is stupid.
I'm staying with the twitter account because I met many interesting people and I'm sorry to leave.
I'll forever hate Selena, the truth that this time I had a blog I fully discharged.
turns 14 this year, and I think that I'm mature enough to drink these goodies.
From now on I'll give administrator rights and that she aga MUNDOMILEY what you want to blog, I really do not care the most.

And despite everything, you know what? Best wishes A SELENA YOUR FANS TO ANTI MILEY AND THE WORLD. Why not consider myself a spiteful person, and that's what I expect of you, forget everything, and this, SUPERENSE IN LIFE, you can not hate Miley for something that happened in 2007, were some pictures crazy, and was ! have to leave people be, to live and be happy!

emotion now XD:
Thank you all, really thank you for support, it is amazing what achievement the blog.
127 followers on twitter and 55 in blogger, it's amazing for a blog that came from nowhere.

And to my colleagues.

Anti-selena, Erika: I know you will regret it once and then I get carried away by hatred and leave the blog open. And just now I regret it.
Thanks for advertising me, for supporting me, and above all, for being my friend anti: D

MundoMiley: One of the first to be author of the blog. From the beginning you sent me your notes, always brings things to the blog, from the first minute. Today I leave the charges blog because I know I can trust in you. Thanks for everything.

I really feel terrible for inspiring more people to start their own blogs and expand anti hate it when it was not necessary.
understand, and for fans old and the newest: My intention was not to disappoint them, only that it grew, I started this blog when I was 12 years, and now that growth and I am more mature, I realize that all this was just a simpre error.

sorry I have hurt and angered so many fans of Selena, but understand, it was a bad time in my life and get downloaded to a person who simply did not like, because my hatred was not as large as appears. encerio, you not withstand a day in my life, I know what I mean.

Chau, and be happy.


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