Monday, March 29, 2010

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Selena and Miley wants to be PERFECT

In one of his many songs Huequi-putelena says he wants to be perfect, but not only that, but the song is dedicated to nothing more and nothing less than the teen queen Miley Cyrus .

I leave a few excerpts from the song to verify it yourself,

I want to be perfect, but I'm
want to be flawless
I want to be perfect, as your
but it is much, That a girl can be.

In this first verse says clearly putelena want Micy be perfect as it is, but admits not being able to because nobody can be like Miley.

When I look in the mirror
makes a sense to me
My imperfections are what they are

obviously already looked in the mirror and noticed FEA it is Congratulations!

try to fit into the mold that you did
But I can not keep playing this charade.

Miley tries to mimic, replace it in Disney, filling the void that will leave Micy when fence, but realizes that it is IMPOCIBLE.

by mundomiley


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