Sunday, April 13, 2008

Toddler Toe Infection

Canada justifies the capture of activists to prevent someone from Canada was killed


Canadian Fisheries Minister Loyola Hearn, today defended the detention of the vessel "Farley Mowat" defense organization animal rights and Sea Shepherd said that the authorities acted "before someone was killed."
Hearn justified the action stating, first, that some sealers had complained that the "Farley Mowat" was too close to them and they "felt they were in danger."
But then suggested that the activists were opposed to hunting that may have been injured.
"Hunters are very angry about the way they (the activists) behave. If you do the same in the front, where hunting is done with high-powered rifles, and someone is reached or become heated, it is a very dangerous situation. We act before something happened, "said Hearn.
The "Farley Mowat" was in the waters of the Gulf of St. Lawrence to protest the seal hunt, which began last March 28 and noted that hunters comply with regulations.
Hunters Canadians consider the presence of international observers as unfair harassment and every year there are clashes between activists and fishermen.
Hearn, who called the activists who protest against seal hunting in Canada as "a group of money-sucking manipulators," denied he had ordered the arrest of the "Farley Mowat" to improve its image and the ruling Conservative Party in the eastern province of Newfoundland and Labrador.
"This has nothing to do with politics. It was something that had to do," Hearn said during a press conference following the announcement of the arrest of "Farley Mowat."
The Sea Shepherd ship was boarded and arrested by officers from the RCMP at about 15.00 GMT today informed the Canadian Minister of Fisheries and Greenpeace itself.
Sea Shepherd said the capture of the Dutch registered ship was in international waters and the director of Greenpeace, Paul Watson, who was not at that time on the ship, described the arrest as "an act of war."
"The Canadian Government has sent an armed boarding party in a Dutch-registered ship in international waters and has seized the ship," Watson said in a statement.
Hearn refused to Efe that the capture had been made in international waters.
"The boat was caught in Canadian waters in the Gulf (San Lorenzo)," said Hearn. The minister then added that even if the "Farley Mowat" would state in international waters, Canada could have acted because Canadian law permits.
Hearn denied that the arrest of the "Farley Mowat" will harm the image of Canada.
"Do not know what the problem. This is a group known worldwide for causing trouble," noted the minister.


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