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capture the flagship of the environmental organization Sea Shepherd

Saturday April 12, 2008
The boat advocacy organization Sea Shepherd animal rights was captured today by the Canadian authorities "to protect" the Canadian seal hunters, an activity that the organization scored "act of war."
Both the Canadian Ministry of Fisheries as the organization confirmed that the Sea Shepherd vessel "Farley Mowat" was captured by the Canadian Coast Guard service and its captain and first officer arrested.
Sea Shepherd claimed that the detention of the ship "by a party armed" took place in international waters and the boat sailing under Dutch flag, so that the Canadian authorities have violated maritime law.
"The Canadian Government has sent an armed boarding party in a Dutch-registered ship in international waters and has captured the ship," said the director of Sea Shepherd, Paul Watson, who at the time of incident was on the phone with the captain of the ship.
"Whereas the mission of" Farley Mowat "was to document the cruelty of the seal hunters to support the European initiative to ban products seal, I can predict that Europeans are not very satisfied with this movement, "added Watson.
Sea Shepherd said at the time of capture in the" Farley Mowat "had 17 people, nationalities Dutch, American, British, French, Swedish, South African and Canadian.
For their part, Canadian Fisheries Minister Loyola Hearn said in a statement that "the Government of Canada has acted to protect security and livelihoods of Canadian sealers by boarding and capturing the "Farley Mowat" and arrested its captain and first officer.
Hearn justified the arrest for "alleged violations" of Canadian law.
"The safety of the sealers remains the primary concern of our Government and what has guided our decisions on the water," said Hearn.
The March 28 season began hunting seals in Atlantic Canada.
This year, Ottawa authorized the hunting of 275,000 mammals, a practice that organizations like Sea Shepherd as "cruel and inhumane."
Sea Shepherd, the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) and the Animal Humane Society U.S. (HSUS) observed the seal hunt to document alleged violations of regulations by hunters.
Canada has complained that the motivation of these organizations is just raise money in Europe and the U.S..


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