Saturday, April 12, 2008

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Environment Ministers of EU debate today on bio-fuels

The conservation of biodiversity and prevention of climate change are the main issues on the informal meeting of environment ministers of the European Union, which began today in Brdo (Slovenia) .
( Image: Agencia EFE)

In the center of the debates will be the plans of the European Union (EU), chaired by Slovenia this semester, to increase between now 2020 the percentage of bio-fuels to 10 percent.
Due to the increasing demand in recent years of crops for the production of these fuels, many food and oil prices have risen and driven inflation in much of the world, including in Europe.
The German Government recently announced the deferral of increased bio-fuel mixture to the 10 percent expected by Brussels.
Critics of biofuels doubt the practical result of the use of these fuels, since in many countries large areas of forest are cleared for these crops.
Moreover, the EU ministers will discuss biodiversity and biomass as a challenge and an opportunity to mitigate climate change ahead of the Slovenian EU presidency.
At the meeting, which will be chaired by the Slovenian Environment Minister Janez Podobnik, also involved representatives of the candidate countries, European Parliament, the European Commission, European Environment Agency and The European Environment Bureau.
After today's meeting, ministers thirty planted linden trees in the parking lot at the entrance Area Brdo Congress to remember the importance of trees to preserve nature.


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