Saturday, April 12, 2008

Soul Eater Doujinshi

want to go against Nature!

(Periden Digital) .- The English lift or a drop, but for them a good blast. Will the Ebro and not its tributary, the Segre, who ultimately supplying the water to Barcelona from the autumn, if still no rain. Is planned to announce on Monday the president Zapatero and the chairman of the tripartite Catalan, Jose Montilla.
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will have been long periods of telephone conversations between them and also between the leaders of Environment of both governments, with the mediation of the Deputy Prime Minister Maria Teresa Fernandez de la Vega.
The solution is to transport the water through a pipe drawing the route of the motorway AP-7. The original plan was that the pipeline pass through the middle of the highway (see THE COUNTRY April 9). In the end it was decided to make it think for one side and not buried, so that the work will be faster and cheaper, according to sources familiar with the negotiations.
The Ebro water finally proceed, although by a formula that is already provided. Water Consortium buys each year Tarragona 120 to the irrigators hectometres they have concession for irrigation. With the proceeds of the sale, the irrigators have refined their systems so they can save all that water.
What is left to Tarragona
But Tarragona, although it pays for 120 MF, consumes only 80 of them. The remaining 40 are the central Government to drink acquire the 5.5 million Catalans living in Barcelona and its area of \u200b\u200binfluence.
hectometres These 40 plus wells that provide the contracted vessels recovered and should ensure supplies until May 2009, when it enters service with the desalination plant under construction the Llobregat, Barcelona touching, of which 60 will hectometres year.
The agreement on the Ebro nothing left of the Catalan Government project to capture water from the headwaters of Segre. Academic reports insisted, accurately, that it was preferable to making water at the end of the channel than before. The uptake of Segre affected irrigators using water, especially in Lleida. Water will be captured in the channels in the Ebro Delta area Tarragona come up through the pipes of minitrasvase and even Abrera treatment plant along the highway, without burying.
Technical both governments and Abertis, the concessionaire for the motorway AP-7, working at full speed yesterday to verify that the project will meet the deadlines and also how to driving safely both vandalism and the sudden rush of a car accident.
The agreement meets the requirements of Iniciativa per Catalunya: the work to be reversible, ie it can be removed after the drying phase. That's the difference, explained yesterday the leaders of training, including a "transfer" and "emergency recruitment." "This is the interconnection of the Ebro basin to the Ter and Llobregat, is the solution to an exceptional situation," they added.


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