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What Is The Difference Between D And M On Shoes

hello komo Miike and as everyone knows my love reita em and you did not know already know it xD and forum posts in an interview shortly before the Tokyo dome for I hope you like more information .... xD please enter vermin


Interviewer: What kind of things your eyes have broken into tears lately? Reita: recently, was when I was reading the manga "One Piece". At the time of recording the low end for the new single, I bought all 59 volumes and read them - there were plenty of scenes where I cried. Friendships, art and stuff made me mourn. And then I wanted to be a pirate after (laughs).
E: 're so immersed in it, eh. Did you see the anime? Reita: I have not seen, but Kai told me she cried when she saw him. It's just the opposite of what he says Kai, I am affected by this "disease" mourn not (laughs). He advised me a lot of things so far, but none have worked for me.
E: Do you cry for mercy? Reita: Surprisingly, I'm the type who cries if he sees others mourn (laughs).
E: What are the differences between "love" and "passion"? Re: The "passion" is when there is this feeling of companions in glory. Something like "longing." But with love, you love your partner even despite all his mistakes.
E: Are you the type who tend to crave things, Reita? Re: I have fantasies incredible. Things like "What if I have an appointment with this person?". I do not know how many thousands of "dates" and that I had (laughs). In my fantasies, I am a super playboy (laughs). All men have this kind of thing, eh.
E: The love is disillusioned, huh. Re: True . But people still like someone even when they know all their errors are, as expected, the less in number. To find a person like that - I wish everyone the best of luck.
E: (laughs) suddenly has become a message to readers. Re: Well, that passion is something that runs in the center of each one of us, it is best if the "passion" can be changed to "love", right?
E: Feeling lonely easily? Re: I like being alone, I like being at home is best. When you're home, you can be anywhere, and well.
E: can be in your pajamas all the time and stuff. Re: Right . You can keep staring at the ceiling with your mouth open and still be good (laughs). As expected, home is where the heart is. Lately, we have not had many days off, but if we had a break, when we all meet again after a while, we would talk a lot about a thousand things.
E: All have a lifestyle rather lonely (laughs). Re: Nah, I'm sure some people do not like that, there are members who go out and have stories about their travels and places that have seen - is a good band.
E: Secure! When you're alone, what do you do to relieve the most stress? Re: Since I'm in the middle of the tour, when I'm alone, I'm in the hotel. When I'm there, watching TV, I surf online and things like that. Even if I think of shopping, they sell the same things in Tokyo, and I'm not really interested in castles and temples and stuff, so do not go around the city.
E: What are the dreams that have the GazettE? Re: Of course, making a band with 5 people who have the same dream, the same plus, I think all the bands that appear in the magazine publishing start with a shared dream. I think it's amazing how little by little, the dreams begin to take shape, and, step by step, we started to get closer to our dreams. To me, more than making music, I have a band.
E: Rather than a final destination, your goal is to lead the same place together with the band. Re: Definitely. But at first, I imagined this as a quick race. I never imagined that would really make-up at 7 am and things like that (laughs). As I thought, it really is much easier and shrill is reserved only for the lives (laughs). He had wanted to put myself in the Tokyo Dome in Last, but definitely if we were standing at the Tokyo Dome, would come out with more and more dreams and our dreams would be inexhaustible. If things were not so, we could not be a band.
E: Having new dreams quickly is also something worth doing, eh . Re: Seh. I think if you do not always have something in your eyes, you can not talk about the future.
E: What would you destroy now? Re: I want to make the lives more extreme. The tour "02" is fun, but, you know, has not yet been an example of when the room temperature reaches the climax. I do not know why, but when the live ends, there is really something like "Wow, today was the peak of our lives", or feelings like that. It's not about taking shortcuts, but I am introducing me honestly ... maybe it's because there are plenty of places we have visited since the first time, maybe.
E: Yesterday Nara, was the first time, no? Re: But if you use that excuse, there is no sense that we lives. We have to break the atmosphere now, and we have to make the most ardent.
E: Want to destroy this?
Re: Right . I him down.
E: Is there something you're trying to control now?
Re: I stopped smoking for almost a month so far.
E: Is it a tortuous period, right now?
Re: When I stopped for about a week, was fine for a bit, surprisingly, but these last days, I've been a bit of trouble. I want to smoke after eating. I wrote in my blog "Do not smoke a second time", but fans do not trust me (laughs). I have not really smoked.
E: But it was a difficult decision.
Re: The following is diet! I will eat as many vegetables as possible. Lately, I've been eating hamburgers - without exception.
E: Is not that a really extreme restriction on yourself?
Re: Withdrawal symptoms are already starting to show up (laughs). I really love burgers, you know. And McDonald's and Kentucky Fried Chicken.
E: Why did you restrict yourself, then?
Re: For things like "As things are good for my body" and "My diet has been a little spoiled" - you know, I know my own reasons (laughs).
E: Hahaha, even in the midst of the tour, "take care of your meals?
Re: I have not come to eat here yet, but even with the food we eat in the venues after the lives, never as salads. Always tend to focus on the meat, but now, like vegetables too. And another thing is when I get up in the morning, drinking my stomach definitely spoil anything, but now I wait about an hour after getting up without drinking anything.
E: Is there a memory ardently recorded you can not forget?
Re: remember clearly the first thought in my head when I stood in the first Budokan time. I looked at the Budokan DVD about 3 years ago and still I cry for myself. On top of that, when I saw the 5 people reflected on the screen, grabbed his infectious tears (laughter).
E: Because it's easy mourn when others cry.
Re: Seh. Actually, you can not imagine five in this crying.
E: you also can clearly remember the feelings you had when you cry this time?
Re: not plan to mourn. But suddenly, he was brimming with tears, and even he was surprised at that time. It was in front of people, and moreover, was not even in the midst of work? (Laughter.) I thought "How am I supposed to be manly if I'm crying?!" But also did not have the willpower to endure.
E: By chance, are you going to mourn at the Dome?
Re: Cry, unfortunately (laughs). **

this man is not beautiful work that personality ino No one really bad sensitive ahy xD amoo what .............. Aoi


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