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to give some relaxation to the blog xD ..!!!

by Miiko:
some user stories komo vermin of Koncar to the gazette ..!

xD::: Forum moderator Katori ..!!! ::: Ahhh

much history ...
had about 8 or 9 ANII, she was in 5th or 4th primary more or less xD
was coming home from English class on a Saturday,
my sister was in the compu down a music ares and I
good gossip, I said
"you do danny?
and said
"My mother Nya enseniio me a well weird! gazette called "
and I like that" or: Sabeer kiere meh! "
and enseniio me a picture that already had names, and I like
" waaaa *-*, are cute xDD "
and my sister
was saying "yes, but girls seem xD"
but never found the feminine aspect xDDD
then listen disc disorder, and I *---*
that genialosoos waaaa!
and from there I started to like n__n enseniie
and what a friend called Jianquing xDD

and I said "seem niniias. _."
and ended up loving these groups >...> Koreans finally

xDDD that was my mini story : D
and still love from that day \u0026lt;3

the manager now ..!
::: Ayumi::

all started by my sister because she liked me .... day and night was telling me to listen and I do not keria, then showed me the video of Burial Applicant and fell in love at first Ruki view, and basically for him, I started to find more songs of them, videos, pictures ... and everything else, and that's how I fell in love with them lol
now the administrator
::: Kaito:::

A dusk while watching death note on fansub boy he named the band the opening and ending Nightmare understand and find more of them .... cancionde s and found Reila ... and OMG!

: Rei shima::
Havia once a ... lol nice so
Every start a day of summer vacation, and I am and always been a fan of anime and manga
(the manga not so much lol), that day saw an anime that I love and is one of my favorites and I realized I liked the songs of the opening and ending of the anime that are sung both by the same soloist
I started looking for who were the songs and I found it.
after a while I kept thinking it would be interesting to know more about Japanese music
and I remembered that I had a magazine with a section dedicated to anime music wing Japanese. Then
full moon that night ... (Good I do not remember if the moon was full jijiji but if I remember so hot) wait for my sister vacate his laptop and presto me very kindly,
then grab the magazine and I looked for some group names but heard several songs
I caught the eye.
but suddenly going from page my eyes fell upon a picture of some very interesting guys, this decision
above leei the gazette and a bit of information he had, I found that 2 songs recommended
regret and in the beauty filt decided to find the first ... appeared on youtube I saw who brought
a point of the song and some pictures in that video di clik yyyy ... Woooowwww
everything around me was lit (it my mom hahahaha light lit?)
rather good woow cone was something sounds good and it was something that he had not heard
follow Chizuru looking for songs and found I really liked the song but the video I was scared and did not see him after filt
in the beauty I found a great song!! and amazing video!
was when I looked for information from them in general and each member
I never thought I would learn their names lol
the first that caught my attention was reita wooooow I was saying that the band will use mysterious!
at that time did not like kai did not know why but I did not like
until I saw her beautiful smile and immediately fell in love aoi jejejeje
and the last term still one of my favorites because he loved playing guitar and now

Time::: Raven:::

Well my story, my sister esque thing helped one of her friends with work on display where I met him and saw Mana-sama (knew a nightmare but not aware that they were visual, shame), after a while later there came a magazine called gothica there actually met several groups including gazette but I am sincere in that time or peeling, until one day a friend sent me a video of them * Filth in the beauty * and chan, chan, chan cai rendered

:::::::::: ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

And these were some stories to see ke ke enkuentran vermin variiedad of
xD kosas


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