Wednesday, April 7, 2010

How Do I Get My Hair Like Dahvie Vanity?

Many fans always said she never wants to draw attention, it's not like miley, etc. But as always, are wrong.

I know many of her fans come to see the blog (and do not know why), so here read the following and not lie to yourself because they know perfectly well that by saying the following IF selena will attract attention, and it is also obvious that she knows.

Selena during one of the mini-concert talk about the song he wrote called "I Do not Miss You at All" and asked the bagabundos: Who has ever been hurt by someone? and immediately she raised her hand and said "I've been hurt, but always by the same person over and over again" and then auyo "not missing you, do not miss you" .

And you know who reminds me that?
When a real concert miley said "Sing the following song (7 Things) all the girls who hate their ex-boyfriends and then almost llendose added: " Even I hate you "

rare Micy putelena copying: P


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