Thursday, April 1, 2010

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The Last Song, N ° 1

As expected, The Last Song by Miley Cyrus tops the daily box office with $ 5,125,103 million dollars. With a base of support from young female fans, ever imagined that the leading movie box office with an anticipated opening for a 5-day week, but his first day was better than expected.

On his first day of release in the United States on Wednesday March 31, 2010, the film of Miles reached the top of the box office, suggesting a cumulative revenue of $ 20 million or more through Sunday.

A Disney representative said "The idea of \u200b\u200bopening on a Wednesday was trying to get outside competition. There are a lot of films out there, and the only way to get attention is to go before and show your stuff ".

premiere since the mid-week also gave "The Last Song" a benefit for Easter holidays. Many students have a long weekend, and that could pay even more for the total box office.

Micy Congratulations! , More than clear who is the teen queen, now let's see how ela goes to something else with your baby in the movie which is not even atriz principal, pf.



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