Tuesday, April 12, 2011

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This entry is very special, since Today our dear leader's birthday MJ. Without her none of this would be possible. Many of us saw Patricia Conde exclusively through TV and nor are we going through my head that someday we would have as close as now.

If Mj, this would not be possible without you, who you going to tell you the day you met Patricia that this would happen. The truth is that what you have carefully worked, nobody has given anything, you have always tried to maintain consistency by doing the tenacity and depth that have made good thanks to you hundreds of fans can feel closer to Patricia and thanks to you many people can claim to have an autograph of Patricia Conde

This is the fault solely yours. Many people envy you that is true, but you want to tell you, only envy them geniuses, if everyone was lucky enough to know like I know you will discover that you are a great person, with many values \u200b\u200band especially with a big heart.

So today is your day and your aydte the blog you want to spend the best day and enjoy much in the company of your own. Now you can leave your congratulations to
MJ: I know that when you see this going to kill me, but I had to do it:)



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